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Tony Fabanich

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In honor and loving memory of
Tony Fabanich

    Dear Mr. Folta, I spoke with my brother to get the information you are requesting and here it goes. My mother and Father [Anthony Fabanich] were married in 1941 and lived in Freedom PA. My brother was born in March of 43, My dad enlisted in Nov. of 43 I believe, I don't have that paper work in front of me. We don't know where he worked. [He reported aboard Bluegill 12/10/1944.] After leaving the military he worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad until he injured his back. Later he worked for Sinclair Copper working with plastics we believe. He also had a hobby of racing Stock cars and the name of his car was y-not (Tony spelled backwards). He had a real love of cars. He also had an old model "A" I believe. In 1951 I was born . . . he was married twice . . . several years later [he had] 2 other girls. In Nov. of 1965 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he passed away on May 7, 1966 in the V.A. hospital in Pittsburgh . . . I hope this is of some help. I would like to know when the book gets written. Thank you.

Toni Heckler [, 29 May 2002]
(yes I am named after him)

[Contributed to the Bluegill web site by George Folta who had started writing a book about Bluegill and her crew during and after the War.  He passed away before he could complete the task.]

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