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The Cause
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THE CAUSE . . . the call . . . the cry . . . the crusade . . . the conquest

Recruiting Poster
World War II recruiting poster, courtesy of Clayton Barrow's "The Navy Needs You"

"Later generations, inured to the sight of protesters burning the flag, cannot begin to understand the fury and frustration Americans felt on seeing bullet holes in Old Glory, which, since childhood, they had been told must never be permitted even to touch the ground." Courtesty of Clayton Barrow's "The Navy Needs You"

"[The]Poster [was] designed by Allen Sandburg, issued by the Office of War Information, Washington, D.C., in 1942, in remembrance of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. The poster also features a quotation from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "... we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain ...". Courtesy of Naval Historical Center

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