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USS Bluegill (SS-242) WW2
Sixth War Patrol:  Lifeguard Duty

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Sixth War Patrol:  Lifeguard Duty

Two weeks of lifeguard duty . . .

"Sometimes two weeks is a long time. For a high-point G.I. in Okinawa or Naples, it's a year. For Bluegill, it was a long two weeks because it was a dull two weeks. No enemy ships contacted, no calls for help by our airmen. The bombing operations were postponed again and again, and finally canceled, and Bluegill was ordered back to the Subic Bay base." [ Admiral Christie]

And now a change to revisit Pratas Island . . .

During the sixth patrol the Bluegill crew and the embarked Australian Z-Force "bombarded, reconnoitered, landed on, and occupied Pratas Is., South China Sea" [ Theodore Roscoe].

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