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USS Bluegill (SS-242) WW2
Fifth War Patrol:  Honan Maru Hit

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Fifth War Patrol:  Honan Maru Hit

"She was assigned the Cape Varella area of the Indo-China coast in coordination with two sister ships, Blueback and Blackfin. In the forenoon of 28 March Blackfin sighted a convoy consisting of two Marus and eight escorts. Such a heavily escorted convoy indicated that they were valuable ships, but also posed a very difficult approach-attack problem. Blackfin made the first attack - got through the outer screen but was spotted by the inner screen and suffered a particularly heavy counter-attack which, however, drew off the escorts. Then Blueback, coming in from the flank, tumbled more of the interference, leaving the field clear for Bluegill which hit a large tanker with two torpedoes. In the inevitable counter-attack, Bluegill suffered and survived 112 depth charges. Her teeth rattled and her bones quaked. The mercury spilled out of the compass bowls, torpedo-tube doors were jarred partly open, fifty-six light-bulbs were broken, over a bucketful of miscellaneous bolts were picked up from the deck. And after four hours of this inferno, she cautiously came up to periscope depth to find her tanker not sunk but hard aground on the island of Hon Doi." Admiral Christie

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