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Fifth War Patrol: Z-Force Embarks

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Fifth War Patrol:  Z-Force Embarks

"Largely through the initiative of Captain Bill Jinkins of the Australian Imperial forces, liaison was established between our submarines and the specially trained 'Commandos' of the Australian Army. These men, some British, some Australian, and some former residents of Malay, Borneo and the Dutch East Indies, had one thing in common - guts. This specialized training was most thorough and included all the tricks of the trade on the water, in the water and in the jungle. We thought so well of them that when it was suggested that they accompany the submarines on patrol we agreed heartily.

"Two of these men, Lieutenants Cecil H. Anderson and Clifford J. Owens of the A.I.F., joined Bluegill when she left Fremantle 12 March 1945 on her fifth war patrol. " Admiral Christie

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