USS Bluegill Battle Flag

USS Bluegill (SS-242) WW2
Third War Patrol:  Battle Flag

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Third War Patrol:  Battle Flag, Navy Cross

Bluegill Battle FlagOfficers After 3rd Patrol
Third Patrol Battle Flag. Left photo courtesy of Ken Killmaster; right photo courtesy of Hugh Story.  Hugh Story entitled entitled the right photo as "Handsome Lot".
Right photo, standing, left to right: Donald Duncan, Bill Schweer, CO Eric Barr, XO Bud Cooper, George Ploetz, and Bucko Stockton.
Right photo, kneeling, left to right: "Igloo" Folta, George Ellis, Hugh Story, Bob Vollenwider, and Denis Madden.
Admiral Kincaid Awarding LCDR Barr Navy Cross
Admiral Kincaid awarding LCDR Eric Barr his first of two Navy Crosses. Photo courtesy of Hugh Story  The upper right corner of the photograph is missing because the radar was classified SECRET when this photograph was taken.

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