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USS Bluegill (SS-242) WW2
Third War Patrol:  Convoy

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Third War Patrol:
Bluegill sinks convoy, 18 October 1944

"Off northwest Mindoro, Bluegill (Commander E.L. Barr, Jr.) held the undersea line. On October 18 [1944] she held it to the extent of one of the best patrol scores in the area. Driven into her bailiwick was the sort of convoy she had been looking for. Barr sent the submarine and the torpedoes boring in. Down went the transport Arabia Maru, 9,480 tons. Down went Chinzei Maru, 1,999 tons. Down went Hakushika Maru, passenger-cargoman, 8,150 tons. Cost to the enemy's Philippine supply line: 19,629 tons." Theodore Roscoe

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