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Second War Patrol:  ADM Christie

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Second War Patrol, 6 July - 18 August 1944

"[Eric Barr's] second [patrol], of forty-nine days' duration, was marked by tough enemy opposition by aircraft and surface patrols. He was forced down by enemy aircraft forty-nine times. Two heavily escorted cargo vessels of about five thousand tons each were sunk by torpedoes, and one of the numerous and hated Chidori's was blown out of the water. These Chidori's and Otori's were of very shallow draft, fast, handy, well-manned and well equipped for antisubmarine operation. They were almost impossible to hit with torpedoes. These vessels were the "A" squad of the Japanese anti-submarine effort. They roamed the Java Sea and Macassar Strait too freely for the comfort of our submarines. . .

"Bluegill proved herself on this patrol to be well handled, aggressive and lucky. 'All depth charges are close, and any is too many,' say the submariners. She pressed home her attacks in glassy calm seas where even a few inches of periscope exposed at dead low speed made a point of aim for the depth-charge counterattacks. Sixty-eight blockbusters were Bluegill's ration this time, served up hot by Mr. Nip, but the score was ten thousand tons and one Chidori in Bluegill's favor." Admiral Christie

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