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USS Bluegill (SS-242) WW2
Second War Patrol:  Clay Blair

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Second War Patrol, 6 July - 18 August 1944

"Eric Barr in Bluegill patrolled off Davao Gulf. On July 20, close to shore, Barr picked up a Natori -class light cruiser boiling along at 26 knots. Barr, who had sunk the light cruiser Yubari on his first patrol, was eager to sink another on his second. He rang up flank speed but was unable to gain a favorable firing position. Later he wrote, 'Oh boy! . . . Damnation . . . Radical zig. Twenty-six knots. She's not coming any closer.' . . .

"Farther along on this aggressive patrol Barr sank three confirmed ships, two freighters and a subchaser, raising his total in two patrols to six ships, including Yubari. During the patrol, Barr (like Walt Griffith and many other Australia-based skippers) battle-surfaced on a native sailing craft and sank it." [ Clay Blair].

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