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First War Patrol:  Aosan Maru

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2nd War Patrol

WWII Odyssey

Bluegill Sinks Aosan Maru, 1-2 May 1944

"On his first patrol, [Captain Barr] sank the fast freighter Asosan Maru of 8,812 gross tons with three torpedo hits which capsized and sank her before they could get their boats out." Admiral Christie

The cargo ship Asosan Maru had been torpedoed twice by Bluegill during the night of 1-2 May 1944 in the Palau Davao shipping lane.  Bluegill found her still afloat at dawn on 2 May 1944 and finished her off with gunfire in this sequence of four photographs.

Sinking of Asosan Maru. Photographs courtesy of Ray (Basil) Phipps. Painting courtesy of Ken Killmaster.

"She was gutted by the fire raging inside fore and aft; hull plating showed red just before dawn. It was quite a thrill to see her go under just like the movies." [George "Igloo" Folta]

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