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First War Patrol:  Yubari

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2nd War Patrol

WWII Odyssey

Bluegill Sinks Cruiser Yubari, 27 April 1944

"This was a great day for the Bluegill. I remember the 'Old Man' saying 'well, we have just paid for the Bluegill, meaning that the cost of the Yubari was equivalent to the 9,000,000 dollars it cost to construct the Bluegill.' [George "Igloo" Folta]

Bluegill sinks Yubari
Artist I.R. Lloyd's rendition of Bluegill sinking the light cruiser (CL) Yubari on 27 April 1944 at the Sonsoral Islands.
Painting courtesy of Ken Killmaster
Also - don't miss George Folta's magazine article "Fateful Encounter Off Sonsoral" in the Bibliography.

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