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First War Patrol:  Yubari

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2nd War Patrol

WWII Odyssey

Bluegill Sinks Cruiser Yubari, 27 April 1944

"April 27 [1944] was the submarine's testing day. On that date she sighted a cruiser and a destroyer prowling off the tiny island like two carnivores against a patch of jungle. The cruiser disappeared behind the island. Barr drove Bluegill forward to attack the destroyer.

"While the submarine was making the approach, the cruiser suddenly reappeared from behind the island, moving at top speed. Barr managed a quick-change set-up on the T.D.C. [Torpedo Data Computer], swung to the firing course, estimated the time to a fraction, and fired six torpedoes. He observed a smashing hit in the cruiser's fire room - a blast of smoke and flame - heard two more timed explosions as Bluegill burrowed under.

"So Bluegill beat the DD priority by 1,000 tons. Her cruiser victim, the only warship of its class, was the Imperial Navy's Yubari. Sunk off Sonsorol, the light cruiser Yubari was no better than a dead goldfish at the bottom of the Emperor's fishpond. Death knows no class." Theodore Roscoe

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