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USS Bluegill (SS-242) WW2
First War Patrol:  Yubari

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2nd War Patrol

WWII Odyssey

Bluegill Sinks Cruiser Yubari, 27 April 1944

"While the destroyer hunt was getting under way, the Imperial Navy lost to submarine torpedoes a man-of-war of another class. This was a vessel rated as a light cruiser (CL) - the third of her ilk to be downed by a submarine that year.

"One April day the submarine Bluegill was patrolling in the vicinity of the Sonsoral Islands, southwest of Palau (Caroline Group, north of Western New Guinea, east of Mindanao, Philippine Islands). It was Bluegill's maiden patrol, and the first command patrol of her captain, Lieutenant Commander E. L. Barr, Jr.

"Bluegill was after big game. A member of Commodore Fife's Brisbane Force, she was reconnoitering Sonsoral and keeping her periscope peeled for enemy shipping in the neighborhood. Located about midway between Palau and Morotai, the Sonsoral group was suspected of harboring Japanese naval units. Bluegill's investigation corroborated the suspicions. . ." Theodore Roscoe

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